I love knowing what others have in their sacred spaces. What books are you reading? Which crystals are resonating with you most right now? What scents are swirling through the air? What’s the newest subject you’re passionately learning about? How are you growing?

These are just a few of things I would eagerly ask you since I can’t be a fly on your wall (I’m so jealous of flies on walls). Today I invite you into my sacred space so I can show you a few things I am loving right now!


My little girlfriend, Ellie. She’s got her bed next to my stand and every morning she snoozes next to me while I do my self-care routine. Doesn’t she look so cozy? Her calm and high vibe animal energy definitely counts as spiritual! I recently read in Denise Linn’s book that the reason witches and shamanesses used to always have small animals with them is because they would tap into their higher energy in order to intuitively communicate with the divine. I think that’s pretty cool!


Sacred Rebels Oracle

I am also a newbie to the oracle world, and again…I took to oracle cards like a fish to water. I think this stuff is only new to me in this current lifetime. They feel too familiar.

I love this deck! Every time I’ve gone to pull a card, it’s spoken to the very thing I’m struggling with. And that card on top, card 24, I keep pulling that one. And when I took my cards out of the box today, it was on the bottom when I turned the deck over to photograph it.

I am loving so much this connection to the universe and to my higher self. I’m currently learning to trust my intuition and this deck is really fostering that growth.


Speaking of moons and their magic, I love this beautiful box I have on my bed stand. I have a whole post dedicated to the topic of magic boxes, and currently this one is home to my New Moon wishes and some sage for smudging.


Salt Lamp

Salt lamps have tons of health benefits: cleansing the air, reducing allergy & asthma symptoms, increasing energy levels, neutralizing electromagnetic radiation, improving mood & concentration, and reducing static in the air.

I have definitely found that I sleep better, but what I really love about this lamp is it’s soft and soothing glow. Just looking at it eases tension in my eyes and de-stresses me. On nights where I sit at my bedstand doing my magical woo woo thangs, usually during a new or full moon, I love to have this light on only. Therefore, I have deemed it spiritual in nature!


Mindset worksheets

I do a Morning Worksheet every day during my self-care routine. It always helps to ground me as well as gets me focusing on what’s good in my life. I set my intentions for the day which has always been such a powerful practice for me.

Recently, I’ve also begun to really work on my self-limiting beliefs because there’s something I’ve been wanting to manifest but haven’t done so for months now. The other day I decided to take out the Discovering Self-Limiting Beliefs worksheet and just write down everything that I secretly think about this thing I was wanting and why I wasn’t getting it. It’s AH-MAZING the amount of limiting beliefs you can uncover when you just let yourself start writing out everything you think about about a particular subject.


I am new to pendulums but as soon as I knew what they were for, I took to them like a fish to water. I read the book The Emotion Code and in that book he talks about swaying and muscle testing. It’s basically ways in which you communicate with your body mind or subconscious. By doing so, you’re able to energetically heal yourself of trapped emotions that have become lodged in your body.


Incense cones

I am in love with incense. I honestly don’t know which is more orgasmic in the morning: my first sip of coffee or the first wave of incense smoke that dances across my face. My coffee wakes my body up and the incense wakes my soul up.

I’m particular too; my favorite place to buy my incense is in Sedona, and I haven’t been able to find the brand on Amazon. Let me know if you know of a good place to buy incense cones online!


Clearing spray

I. AM. OBSESSED….with rose water. It’s instantly calming to for me and smells so damn good. I like to spray my sleeping area at night with it and myself, especially when I come home and want to de-stress. It just smells so feminine and soothing to me.


I am OBSESSED with essential oil roll-ons right now. And likely forever, because roll-ons basically take the work out of essential oils. They’re already diluted with fractionated coconut oil and have a blend of essential oils in them specific for certain uses.

My current favorite roll-on is Balance by Doterra. I got mine while in Mexico, hence the Spanish label. Balance is a grounding blend so anytime I’m feeling anxious, I roll this on my wrists and over my heart and the scent helps to soothe me.

I plan on making these myself since it’s so easy and cheaper than buying them pre-made, and there’s a lot of recipes you can find on Pinterest. To make your own roll-ons, all you need is: roll-on bottles, fractionated coconut oil, mini funnels, labels, and whatever essential oils you’re using.