Most Racist Countries in The World

India, a place where there are so many assorted types of nations living together is likewise the most supremacist nation on the planet. India is the most racist country on the planet and even today, a youngster conceived in the Indian family is taught to love anybody with white skin and look downward at anybody with dim skin. Furthermore, hence was conceived the Indian prejudice against Africans and other dim colored individuals. A reasonably cleaned outsider gets treated like a divine being and a dull cleaned one is dealt with extremely bad attitude.

Among Indians themselves too, there are clashes amongst standings and individuals from various locales like the issue between Marathi Manoos and Biharis. Last but not the least, the frequent vicious attacks by Hindus on Muslims plays a major part in making India a land of complexities and racism. Even racism is taught in Hinduism, Whereas Brahmans are classified with gods while Sudras are categorized with animals:

” The murder of a Sudra by a Brahman is equal only to killing a cat or a frog or a cow “