Most Racist Countries in The World

Which are the most racist countries in the world?

Since the start of mankind, we have seen us, humans, complain against the huge difficulties humanity have faced or is going to face. What we don’t realize is that we are creating all these troubles from within ourselves. From the acute shortage of water that the world fears in the near future to the fear of nuclear weapons, all were indeed created by humans themselves. Explaining the roots of all the dilemmas is fairly easy. Just take one issue faced in human societies, i.e. RACISM. Every one of us might have regularly heard the news about humans murdering their fellow humans over color, social status and many other sleek factors that were created within us. Pay attention to human nature- it has always been in the complexity of feeling superior or inferior, which sometimes makes certain humans, so barbaric that they might kill fellow humans over such piffling differences.

Taking the topic of racism to a national level, racism doesn’t necessarily exist on the same scale everywhere. Every country has its own kind of people and conditions. Many of the nations might be the ones are normally considered as superior nations with no downfalls.

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